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Combat Future Shutdowns due to Covid-19

Tattoo  studios are unlike any other personal service business out there. We have blood born pathogen  certifications, stringent regulations from our local health departments, and we regularly go above and beyond in regards to safeguarding public health. There is no reason why we should be closed as long as we have been.

Exemption to Assembly Bill No. 5

AB-5 was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in September 2019. This piece of legislation reclassifies tattoo artists as employees instead of independent contractors, thus restructuring the shop/artist relationship and causing stricter regulations and major tax implications. Over 50 industries have gained exemption to this bill.

Fight against State/Federal


In the United States, tattoo inks are subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as cosmetics and color additives. This regulatory authority is, however, not generally exercised, but there have been talks about stricter enforcement for manufacturers new regulations that would require single use caps for each client.

Lobby for License Portability

As you already know, licensing for tattoo artists and permits for shops is handled by county health departments. This leads to inconsistencies in "standards" from county to county, creates a ton of red tape for traveling artists, and makes communicating important information regarding our industry nearly impossible. Barbering, CCP holders and the State Bar are all examples of industries that are approved to administer state wide licenses.

Align with Local and State Offices

Which state officers can we rely on to protect our rights? Who do we vote for in upcoming elections?


These are questions that we need to answer if we expect to make progress at the political level we want to play at. One of our primary goals it to create a strong network of public figures we can count on.


Tattoo Discrimination

We know how far we've come in recent years when it comes to tattoo acceptance in society. The rock stars, the artists, sports figures and movie stars are all playing their part, however the reality is there are plenty of artists and collectors that aren't free to publicly express themselves through body art. How many half sleeves need to be cut short. How many requests for hidden or smaller than recommended tattoos are we going to have field?