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The Professional Association of California Tattooers is a registered 501c Non-Profit organization founded by tattooers and shop owners to advocate for the empowerment and fair treatment of the California tattoo industry.


The PACT mission is simple. Unite our industry and provide a voice for tattoo artists in California. For generations, tattooing has been a fringe art form with little respect from law makers and zero say in the decisions that effect our industry. This needs to change.


As a membership based organization, our goal is to develop a strong network of political activists and generate funds to lobby for our industry on a state and local level. The unfair treatment of tattoo shops during Covid-19 and our lack of AB-5 exemption are prime examples of why we need to get organized.


Artists from all over are looking to PACT to pave the way for a new era of political activism in tattooing in California, and we need your help. As most shops remained closed around the state, NOW is the time to stand up not just for the art form, but our lively hood as tattooers.


Back in June 2020, during the first round of tattoo shop closures, San Diego based tattoo artists, Aaron Della Vedova, Bill Canales, and Mike Raymond, resolved to figure out what they can do regarding the Governor's orders to shut them down. The search for answers led Aaron to a Sacramento based lawyer and lobbyist named Fred Jones, the point man for the barbers and hair dressers in CA, and Fred had much to share with us regarding our situation. His advice may have even changed the course of tattooing in California forever.

What Fred told us was actually right in front of us the whole time. The tattoo industry is constantly being overlooked or stepped on because we have no political representation.

There are a number of reasons why we had no organized representation. Some factors are deeply rooted in tradition. Other reasons are simply we didn't know it could become an issue. In any case, it became evident that our lively hood as tattooers was being threatened by factors that we can change. We just have to step up to the plate.

So here we are...